such a small deed, that can go a long way 


new years resolutions 

1) be a better daughter and sister 

2) take my dog out more so she can start liking other dogs

3) learn how to save money 

a) stop eating out so much / learn to cook at home

4) limit my everyday french fry/ potato chips eating 

5) try to get more motivated about grad school 

6) limit how much alcohol i drink when i go out/ 

a) try to stop blacking out and drunk dialing everyone on my phone contacts 

7) read more 

8) draw more 

9) raise my cardio and endurance 

10) cut down on the ciggies. 

hopefully i can last til at least march for at least half of these….

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this seems like an ideal activity right about now…


this seems like an ideal activity right about now…

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just a little too late

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AHAHAH. I want.

AHAHAH. I want.

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